/ RCA: Ecologies of Publishing Futures


Franek Wardynski was invited to talk about the Book Test Unit on this one-day international symposium bringing together academics, designers, storytellers, publishers and students, in order to explore the book and its lifecycle, speculating on publishing futures including the role of writing, designing and the processes of mediating, distributing and reading.

Speakers: Andrew Piper, Brad Haylock, David Blamey, Rathna Ramanathan, Stuart Geddes, Dan Franklin, Book Test Unit, Charles Melcher, Lucas Dietrich, Brendan Dawes, Anna Gerber, Andrew Prescott, Hilary Kenna

Moderators: Neville Brody, Teal Triggs, Laurene Vaughan, Adrian Shaughnessy, David Crowley, Tracy O’Shaughnessy

Description of the symposium on Royal College of Art's website.

Ecologies of Publishing Futures Booklet