/ ICA MECA:  Futurespective Convivium


2019 Futurespective Convivium

Institute of Contemporary Art at MECA, Portland, Maine
Organized in conjunction with DesignInquiry’s Futurespective exhibition, October 2019-January 2020

The Futurespective Convivium was a congenial day-long gathering in which we debated and discussed and ruminated and celebrated the significance of a futurespective perspective in design and culture. 

I spoke about  cannibalim of culture and my work Invasive Species.

The speakers were Susan Merritt, Matt Burgermaster, Randa Hadi, Franek Wardynski, Nigel Jones, Maddy Kelly, Gail Swanlund, Nick Liadis, Chris Taylor, Marcie Laird, Ann McDonald, Grace Herndon, Scott Corey, Jack Ratteree, Eryn Pierce, Laurie Churchman, Sarah Aziz, Michele Pereia de Sou, Dmitri Knapp and Gabrielle Esperdy.