Based in London, Books From the Future is the collaborative practice of Joshua Trees and Yvan Martinez. The duo work at the intersection of research, education and publishing, using BFTF as a means to explore the models used to structure contemporary art and design education that are ‘no longer relevant yet have become so institutionalised and internalised that alternatives can seem wildly idealistic and unrealistic by comparison.’

As part of this, the duo run workshops and summer schools, the last of which titled Staging Disaster took place towards the end of last month (July 2018). An inquiry into the phenomenon of disaster in contemporary culture, the programme was led by Josh and Yvan with a host of visiting practitioners leading workshops for participants.

Writer/artist duo Lia Forslund and Franek Wardyński showed us how they staged a conversation between the light and dark sides of a mountain range using the international code of signals.

They then introduced us to a method of artistic research inspired by Joan Quigley, alleged astrological adviser of the White House during the Reagan Era. Each participant was provided with a horoscope accompanied by the deceptively simple instruction: ‘follow your sign’.

More on about the workshops in the Its Nice That article by  Ruby Boddington.