/ RCA: S.O.S


As visiting lecturer at MA Visual Communication at Royal College of Art in London, Wardynski led ten weeks expanded practice course in collaboration with artist and lecturer Mariana Sameiro. Wardynski and Sameiro initiated a collaborative project under the theme of ‘Survival' to create a series of briefs testing creative concepts by examining the student's sustainability outside the secure ecosystem of their university practise—providing strategic skills and new critical perspectives.

The course included five briefs, which sought to explore and address decision-making within art and design. Each brief was given out during a workshops session, held outside of the university. For instance, ’Signal or Smokescreen’ was a challenge set at the Wormwood Scrubs Park in West London, or ‘Siege or Surrender’ was a task that took place at Trellick tower in Westbourne Park.

Each student had to present work the following week, showing coherent concepts as well as an account of their decision-making. The final deliverable of the course was entirely collaborative. Asking the students to put together a survival workshop for their peers, taking place at Farmopolis in East London. There, the students put the theme ‘plants as a tool for survival’ to the test, resulting in the student-led workshop ‘Wearable (Im)plants’.