/ RCA: Ridley Road Records


Ridley Road Records is the result of a term long community project designed for MA Visual Communication at Royal College of Art, London, led by the visiting lecturer trio—Franek Wardynski, Mariana Sameiro, and Konstantino Trichas. The course was designed for a group of students to advance their individual practice through a collaborative project, supported by subject-specific and interdisciplinary workshops.

This brief was set in the Ridley Road Market in East London, and the Doomed Gallery specifically. With visual research sessions and explorations of materials, methods and social design platforms, the students were asked to record the market around them and engage the community to take part in the process.

The outcome was a student-led production platform, documenting, interpreting and archiving the narrative of a marketplace. Through a series of interventions, culminating in the creation of bespoke compact discs, the students interacted and engaged with members of the community through an audio-visual process. A sound booth was constructed and material was collected in a daily record release, covering themes such as ‘Routines’, ‘Interactions’ and ‘Perspectives’.