/ PaTi: Design Without


As visiting lecturer at Paju Typography Institute, in South Korea, Wardynski led a two weeks short course in Visual Communication, together with colleagues Jayoon Choi and Konstantinos Trichas. Two briefs were delivered a week part, followed by studio workshops and crits.

The briefs were themed around ‘responses to sound’, and ‘listen, find, make’, embodying a range of approaches to experimental image making from multiple screens to sculptured objects. In teaching Visual Communication, Wardynski made sure to diminish any boundaries between art and design, letting the students be both expressive and experimental.

In the first week, the students delivered individual responses to sound. With performances, installations, illustrations and political commentary, the brief inspired work across all media. The second week was a collaborative effort in small groups, resulting in a series of performances, on intimacy, rituals and the value of art.