/ Long People’s Press

‘The idea was to create a place for people to come together,’ says Franek Wardyński, who co-founded Warsaw-based studio Long People’s Press with his partner Lia Forslund in 2021. ‘We invite people once a month for exhibitions, workshops, readings and discussions.’ Surrounded by books with intriguing covers, art pieces, design papers, and published work from institutions around the world, Wardynski has collected materials and references for the past 15 years to create this forum.

Today, the format of the studio’s work drifts from different modes of intelligence: full art installations, motion graphic scenography and bound books. One recent highlight is a series of immersive, mystifying, moving images featuring trains in abstraction—a site of collective flux and roaming, to be displayed at Salvatore Sciarriono’s Superflumina, the opening performance at this year’s NODO Biennale in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Another is, Leftover, a document-led exhibition of photography, writing and video works portraying time spent at CLUI (The Center for Land Use Interpretation) part of an old airbase in Wendover, USA, on the edge of the salt flats and the Bonneville Basin, on display in the studio until mid-June.

Unlike other studios, which often separate art, design and writing, Long People’s Press likes to build a dialogue between them. This approach often creates results that involves a wider perspective and a reshaped framework which a larger network of people could work collaboratively within. ‘It doesn’t not matter if the project is self-published, a commission for a big institution or work for a small brand,’ says Forslund ‘We give every project equal attention, using deep thought and research to add layers that go beyond our common understanding of reality’.

For Wardynski, the studio’s best work is yet to be delivered and shared in the space. ‘We have a series of exhibitions lined up this year,’ he says. ‘We have divided the work into research themes, which seems simple, but it encapsulates the whole spirit of Long People’s Press: inviting new techniques, unpredictable sparring partners and unexpected interpretations under one implemented ecosystem.’

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