/ V&A Day of Design


As part of the V&A’s Exhibition Road Day of Design, Franek Wardyński has created a bench and two stools from ‘waste’ packing crates. This to highlight the possibility to upcycle wood, becoming a symbolic part of an urgent climate crisis themed Day of Design Solutions during London Design Festival, 22nd September 2019.

Wardyński’s upcycled furniture collection is bespoke, made to last, for the large-scale Food Waste Feast that will cater to both the local and wider creative community, a 300 people strong audience, using the furniture over the course of the day, alongside workshops, talks and installations that explore how we can better consume food, use energy and deal with waste.

Following this one-day event, Wardyński’s collection will be donated to the People’s Kitchen’s new premises that will open in The Royal Docks (Newham) in October, providing a service to the local community.

More information can be found on the V&A website and blog.