/ Vanadis

Scenography can transport, create a sense of place, in the mind of the audience. Techniques are applied to project a material reality of the mythical and the fictional. But when is the inherent nature of certain built places classified as scenography, even when they were not built for fiction? There are, probably in every city, real places that create that perfect stage set.

Deep under the ground where the urban grid takes cave like forms, lays a scene of a dystopic future world. Inside the mountain of Vanadis in Stockholm, tucked underneath a school, a church and a swimming pool built in the fifties, a theatre like no other can be found. This is a series of photos illustrating the already finished set design, for an unwritten play.

We are at a dump, at the margin of the built environment, yet accumulating everything that is left. Cages are filled with the shells of consumptions, containers of memories of past life. The place is lit, waiting for an ensemble to respond to. The darkness is full, sweeping, for perfectly timed exits. Obsolete objects are scattered around, ideal props, ready to be picked up and moved.

This is a centre for recycling grit, chemicals, electronics and fluorescent lights; yet, it is down here, that characters of a humanistic play can be envisioned clearly.