/ Steak Tartare


Steak Tartare begins with a desire for raw meat, finely ground, from the best butcher in town. The original dish comes in many different variations, but the texture of the creamy beef is the one consistent and most important parameter. The the perhaps slightly mythical story about the origin of the meats tenderness, is based on Tartar horsemen placing a piece of beef underneath their saddle in the morning and consuming it later in the day when the texture was rightly found, pounded by the horse ride. Another story suggests that Mongol horsemen would put the beef under the saddle to heal the horses’ sores rather than be eaten but the precious texture was nevertheless achieved.

The Steak Tartare journey through London at night watching the sun rise is a recreation of the Tartar myth in true horseman spirit, but on a bike, ridden from West London to the best butcher in the East and then back, with the beef perfectly fit under the saddle. The documentation was made using a go-pro camera illustrating the journey as well as the digital trace of the beef hunt, resulting in a special GPS drawing into the tissue of London.