/ Shutterstock Selfie


Shutterstock mirror for perfect watermarked selfies. 50 million Shutterstock photos, ‘a leading provider of digital imagery licensing, operating in more than 150 countries and 20 languages’ – capitalizing on the ownership of you.

The Shutterstock Selfie has been exhibited as part of Hyperstore—an exhibition that investigates online shopping corporations. The works on display deconstruct the mechanics of online retail phenomena to highlight the effect they have on our perceptions of trade, origin, distance and distribution. Inside these vast ‘everything stores’ a workforce of pickers and packers are the only witnesses to events going on behind the anonymity of the intangible digital shop front.

‘This performance/installation will be a comment on the mysterious processes of e-commerce. Hyperstore promises to combine the glossy structure of an online store with the murky and chaotic systems of warehouses to make surprising connections between objects and experiences that we might encounter on the traditional high street.’—David Blamey, artist and professor at the RCA explains.

Press: Hyperstore, Art licks