/ Romantic Love Stories


A project based on the strange paradox between the nature of Judith Bronte’s words and the immoral sexual adverts found in spam emails. The work is an exploration of the relationship between the ephemeral quality of the digital and the permanence of the physical object. The project was first exhibited at The Isle of Lost and Found, Hockney Gal- lery, Royal College of Art, in London 2015.

Items include, a 70 x 40 cm aluminium sand cast based on a laser cut positive and a typeface, based on a collection of the most common characters replacing the real letters in spam messages.
‘The ambition is for the development of critical, capable minds to help deliver urgent and appropriate change… to form and inform possible cultures and alternate possibilities’. As such, students think critically about real-world contexts, and strands of concern start to emerge across all programmes, such as architecture, housing, urbanism, surveillance, austerity, identity politics, belief and ethics — Neville Brody, Dean of School.

Spirit of Adventure in the School of Communication Work-in-progress Show, Royal college of Art
Royal College of Art Work in Progress Show