/ Die Winterreise


The sound installation, Die Winterreise – Schubert enables the audience to explore a recording of Schubert’s famous song cycle, transmitted and re-recorded in a tactile recurring and finally dissolving loop. The piece provides a synthetic reading of what happens to data as it spins in and out of the physical and the digital, layering and eventually fading. The continuously recorded information effectively accumulates in a time laps, exploring the phenomenon of digital decay by translating music into noise.

Franz Schubert’s Die Winterreise (1824) is a journey through a winter landscape which leads the main character Wilhelm Müller into questioning of his identity, wandering through life in search of its shadows, a mindscape from past into future.

In January 2014, the installation was made and presented bringing together data, physical objects and sound waves. The art piece was later filmed and showed as work in progress at the Royal College of Art in London.