/ Ahat Ilī – Sister of Gods

Ahat Ilī – Sister of Gods is the award-winning Polish writer, Olga Tokarzcuk's, first libretto. Tokarczuk is famous for deconstructed novels, short stories and essays centered on life and death and the translucent inner core of the human soul. The commissioned artwork for the libretto, hanging above the singers and dancers, has been described as a pair of lungs, a cell, embryo, or a zygote, celebrating that transparent, yet organic shape. Constructed by sixty-five segments, each with an individual pattern, the artwork is achieving a perfect sphere; only once all pieces are placed together.

In Ahat Ilī , the gods and humans gather on a slowly rotating circular steel platform, tucked underneath the deflating zygote, whilst a projection is being made above them. The orbit, its zenith and perhaps the projected past, all acts as the intrinsic set for a modern dystopian myth, reflecting on the themes of sisterhood, ethos, environment, and consequence.
Music: Aleksander Nowak
Libretto: Olga Tokarczuk
Director: Pia Partum
Scenography and Costumes: Magdalena Maciejewska
Conductor: Marek Moś
Lights: Jaqueline Sobiszewski
Film and Video Projection: Agnieszka Beaupre
Flying Objects: Franek Wardynski
Work comissioned by:  Sacrum Profanum Festival 2018, Kraków