/ Rio Grande

Land Arts 2020 ADAPTATION will conduct an interdisciplinary deep research studio and seminar to construct a meandering map of the Rio Bravo / Rio Grande as it marks the border from Juarez / El Paso to the Gulf of Mexico. Franek Wardyński will participate in this collective research by tracing the ever-changing living river.

The work produced will be part a publication being developed by the artist Zoe Leonard, a former Land Arts field guest, and poet Tim Johnson to build knowledge around the terrain of past (and future) field operations. The project will explore the river over time and act as an artistic resource for Leonard’s publication that will accompany her exhibition Al Rio / To the River at Mudam, the Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg in 2021, then travelling to the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris before coming to the United States and Mexico.

‘The 2020 Adaption seeks to responsibly honour the ethos, aspirations, and complexities of the Land Arts program that is dedicated to teaching greater awareness and understanding of how we as humans build and operate on the planet.’ Chris Taylor, Director of Land Arts of the American West; Associate Professor of Architecture Texas Tech University.