/ Rebar

Nestled on the island of Tinos, Greece, lies the Pyrgos marble quarry. It's a site of great historical and cultural significance, with marble walls covered in drippings and streaks of rusted iron, serving as a testament to the impact of industrialisation on nature. It's here that artist Franek Wardyński's installation, Rebar, delicately hangs, suspended six meters above the ground on the western wall of the quarry.

Rebar is an expression of the intersection between industry and nature. It measures 3 meters by 9 meters and is made from reclaimed iron, a common feature of the Tinian landscape and found in active marble quarries in the region of Exo Meria. The artwork blends with the wall and the surrounding environment, creating a sense of harmony between human activity and the natural world.
The installation refers to the geo-hazard meshing and grids of eroded mountain cliffs protecting people from falling rocks and boulders, offering a band-aid of care towards the mountain. The stoping face, signed by the miners, marks the end dates of extraction at the site, adding to the sense of history and decay in the quarry.

Rebar embodies a dark ecology motif, inviting us to consider the complex and often destructive relationship between humans and nature. The artwork serves as a reminder of the impact of our industrial practices on the planet and the role we must play in preserving it for future generations.

Rebar was part of the 2023 Fe26 Inherited Earth Exhibition, Pyrgos, Tinos, Greece.

Other participating artists included Emilia Sølvsten, Lily Clark, Maria Varela, Marie Hervé & Elsa Martinez, Maro Avrabou & Dimitri Xenakis,Miriam Isasi, Mathias Vincent-Palazzi, Yorgia Karidi, Elias Casanovas & Zoe Tzikas. 

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