/ Parawany


In Franek Wardyński’s Parawany, a traditional windbreaker, commonly used for the beach, employs odd sales messages, to execute an installed homage to the billboard culture of the 90s in the artist’s native Poland. Wardyński’s compositions can be placed in the gallery (eight in total), presented as large photographic prints, or projected as a moving image of billboards placed along the Polish highway.

‘The generic sales message—there is something humorous or ironic with its brevity—appears along the road on the way to the Polish seaside. The words are abstract and often ambiguous, but in many respects minimal. In Parawany: a windshield, commonly used as a fence at the Polish beach is installed as a banner in the popular seaside resort of Dębki. Here the words, become irony, as Piach Luzem, polish for loose sand, suggests an offering of the surrounding landscape.‘