/ Keine Stille Opera

‘Keine Stille’ is a contemporary libretto written by Simone Homem de Mello after Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa’s: Book of Disquiet. Set in a street scape, a conversation about life unfolds during an afterparty in Lisbon. The opera is composed by Sidney Corbett and directed by Pia Partum, telling the fragile yet compelling story of restlessness, identity — and the meaning of it all. As a backdrop to the public interiors of a slanting sidewalk, Wardynski's video works are animated, moving in front of and in tune with Corbett's composition. And to reflect on Homem de Mellow's interpretation of Pessoa, images are daunting and at the same time, full of energy, resonating the scenography by Magdalena Maciejewska and costumes by Wojciech Dziedzic.

Mannheim National Theater 2022