/ Digital Dislocation


An installation by Franek Wardyński, Digital Dislocation, contains a sculptural installation of lava sand from the hills of Flagstaff, Arizona, in sharp contrast to an Arduino-powered digital screen displaying negative images of clouds shot at the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument in November 2020. Drawing from Robert Smithson’s ‘Mirror Displacement’ and J.G Ballards ‘double perspectives’, Digital dislocation pays tribute to the popularity and significance of enantiomorphism, or mirror images, in the theory of 1960s land art.

‘Robert Smithson was in Méridan Mexico when he wrote the essay “Incidents of Mirror-Travel in The Yucatan” (1969). He was convinced that as soon as you start seeing objects in a positive or negative way, you are on the road to derangement. Are we mad for seeing objects in zeros and ones today? In Digital dislocation I become a close observer of the ground and its relationship to clouds, of the formed and unformed, random in their movement, and rarely symmetrical, of course.’