/ Crystal Portraits

Crystal Portraits — is a mixed-media study of salt crystallisation, layers of matter, spirals and ancient structures which define our notion of time and space. In the short essay film, Terminal Lake (10 min), we are deep underwater in the eighth largest terminal lake in the world, formed about 32 000 years ago, at the Great Salt Lake Utah. History repeats itself in the mysterious and airy mediation of the old spinning salt crystals, rotating and adding layers of transformed matter, forming contemporary structures, a process Wardyński has captured in the four portraits of the exhibition. 

Crystal Portraits shows a billboard-sized photographic print of a pink, dreamy, salt landscape, taken at the Great Salt Lake, where Wardyński did a residency with The Land Arts of the American West program. But it is in the larger drawn portraits, the artist has been working on in the last year from his studio in Warsaw, we get to experience the structure of the crystals up close. This time in an intricate study of the crystals as characters unveiling the intersection of time and finely layered salt substance drawn on sand blasted aluminium sheets.
Along with the portraits and the film, an art book has been developed, titled Terminal Lake, and here we get to follow Wardyński’s research journey alongside his collaborative partner Lia Forslund, in a generously shared visual document, including interviews, scripts and reflections.

March 30 – May 31 2023,  Long People Press, ul. Długa 44/50, Warszawa, Poland.