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Camp Amateur

A Happy Death - Muzeum Książki Artystycznej, Łódź, Poland
Part of the FotoFestiwal Łódź Program
Nico Baumgarten, Demelza Watts & others

Camp Amateur is the place where professionalism is finally put to rest. A life misspent competing with peers, touching up white walls, and ordering business cards has finally come to a bitter end. Nico Baumgarten and Demelza Watts invited a group of international artists to collectively bury their professional selves, and be reborn as a loving collective of self-confident amateurs. Camp Amateur was created to share, collaborate, care and explore with a goal to be awakened free from the ties and suits of professional life. While reflecting on amateurism, the idea was to deliberately be inefficient and dedicate a lot of time and attention to all the unprofessional aspects of their existence.
Wioleta Piotrowska, Tamara Skalska, Berto Herrera, Konstantinos Zirganos-Kazoleas, Marta Kiela-Czarnik, Monika Dramalieva, Franek Wardyński, Magda Jaroń, Sima Choubdarzadeh, Milena Soporowska